Let’s get to artificial wasabi and real wasabi.

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Do you know that actually the wasabi we are eating is not made from 100% real wasabis, but artificial wasabi with adjust the smell and Mixed with other ingredients to have a taste and properties similar to wasabi that helps in reducing fishy smell and helps inhibit bacteria. Until it becomes a cream like the one we eat.

How do you know real wasabi

I believe that if we talk about real fresh wasabi then Everyone probably thinks of freshly grated wasabi. Or at a Japanese restaurant where the chef definitely cooks it with shark skin. But there is no denying that it is real wasabi. But we’re talking about wasabi products like ground wasabi that are packaged in tubes and sachets for sale at department stores or convenience stores. that many brands definitely claim to be “real wasabi”. Report by ทางเข้า ufabet

Real fresh wasabi must have a distinctly “spicy” taste. When we eat wasabi, we get an instant spiciness. If anyone who eats it has a feeling of spiciness. That means that your wasabi contains fresh wasabi ingredients.

The difference between artificial wasabi and real wasabi

The difference is very noticeable. Regarding the taste that artificial wasabi will have. The spiciness is milder than normal wasabi. Therefore causing many people to complain that What wasabi doesn’t look spicy at all. That’s artificial wasabi.

That turned out to be artificial wasabi, that’s because Contains mustard powder and horseradish. To create a taste and texture similar to fresh wasabi But in the end, it’s still not as good as eating real wasabi.

What is good about eating fresh wasabi

What are the benefits of fresh wasabi. And fresh wasabi has many properties. I believe that many of you know that wasabi is beneficial to eating.

Eating fresh wasabi is rich in important nutrients such as protein. Many vitamins and minerals included. It also helps prevent various adverse conditions for the body such as cancer, food poisoning, and tooth decay. It also helps to lose weight very well as well.