JK pointed out that Nunez was judged on form

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has described the criticism of new striker Darwin Nunez as “absolutely ridiculous”.

         The £85m striker has been heavily mocked for his first two warm-up ufabet games against Manchester United and Crystal Palace, but the latest game has burst onto the scene with four-goal strikes as the Reds thrashed Leipzig 5- 0, with Klopp referring to the earlier criticism that it was absurd.

         “I didn’t immediately get into the team – this is the best group I’ve ever seen to help new players settle,” Klopp told Sky Sports.

         “It’s clear that in a situation like this a striker with skills like him needs time because it’s different from what we’ve had. Of course we play differently at Benfica, so it means both sides have to adapt.

         “Nunez didn’t score in the first two games. I’m not sure 50 minutes or whatever. And we have to face criticism. It’s a crazy world So when he scores four goals in a game and we talk differently.”

         “We need time to get to know each other. that’s okay What can we expect after just a week or the first game after three days, will we or he do the best? It doesn’t make any sense This type of game is something I don’t understand.”

         “He’s a great guy. he loves to be here our spanish community The players range him very much. He has learned English. He tried to at least understand the basics as quickly as possible. Everything is going in the right direction.”