Conte slams Southern Tigers over Kane interest

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Spurs boss Antonio Conte has hit Bayern Munich after talks about striker Harry Kane.

         Julian Nagelsmann, the “Southern Tigers” boss, has previously said he wants the England captain to join the team. Despite stating that the cost is very high, but is confident that it will shoot a bomb in the Bundesliga for sure.

         When asked about the matter, Conte said: “To be honest I didn’t hear about it. Of course, I’m a coach not to mention players that are the property of other teams.”

         “Kane don’t know why. (This happened) The situation at Tottenham is very clear, the ufabet club’s plans are very clear, Harry is part of the project. He’s a big part and yes. It’s just a rumour.”

         “At the same time I don’t like talking about the players of other clubs. If I want to do something, I’ll go talk to the club. not through the media I thought maybe it was an insult to another club. This is my approach That’s how I used to face situations with other players.”

“Honestly I didn’t hear this,” Conte began. “For sure I’m a coach who doesn’t talk about players from other teams. I don’t know why [this happened]. The situation at Tottenham is very clear. The plan is very clear with the club. Harry is a part of the project. He is a very important part of the project and yeah only rumours.

“At the same time I repeat I don’t like to speak about players from another club. If I want to do something I go to speak to the club, not through the media. I think maybe it’s a bit disrespectful for the other club. This is my way. This is my way to face the situation with other players.”